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Valerie Corral – 2

decision, to include her reaction to the victory. Having myself been a member of WAMM since 1997, I have seen firsthand how Valerie’s leadership has transformed the lives of the seriously ill in truly extraordinary ways. Robert Anton Wilson and Ram Dass, two of the other people that I interviewed for this book, are also members of WAMM. WAMM’s incredible strength lies in it’s community-based foundation, and together it’s members seem capable of miracles, but it’s Valerie’s leadership and vision that made it all possible. 

Valerie has the gentleness of a kitten, and the strength of a mountain lion. She’s one of the most compassionate and heroic people that I’ve ever met in my life. Robert Anton Wilson said that “Valerie is simultaneously the most idealistic and the most practical person that I know.” I’m convinced that one day there will be a statue of Valerie in downtown Santa Cruz. I spoke with Val about the medical benefits of marijuana, why the U.S. government is so resistant to the idea of marijuana as medicine, how the political struggle over medical marijuana is related to the evolution of consciousness, and the role that shifting consciousness plays in the healing process.


David: What were you like as a child?

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