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Valerie Corral – 2

Valerie: It’s been a profound tool for me, and generally people can say that–or not. (laughter) I owe a lot to psychedelics. I think it opened my life, and changed the possibilities for me. Although I had that altered experience that I described earlier, I might have gotten caught thinking that that was the only way–that there was a certain path, and then gotten caught in the path. Psychedelics helped me to see the vastness, the non-dimensional, the altered dimensional, and that it wasn’t one way. It wasn’t anyway single that I could see it. For me, it has been a tumbling of awareness, a tumbling out and through it. And again, probably the greatest and most significant possibility was really through allowance. It takes us out of the realm of being in control–so it’s fabulous for all of us control freaks.

David: Do you think that the human species will survive the next hundred years, or do you think we’re in danger of extinction?

Valerie: That’s such a funny question, because every day somebody dies. Every moment somebody dies. There’s always some sense of extinction. So it could happen, and I don’t know if it matters that much. I don’t mean it to be callous, but I think that it could happen. And if we’re concerned about saving people, we have a really

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