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Valerie Corral – 2

been enough medicine to serve the needs of our significantly terminally ill population.  I believe that at least three WAMM members’ deaths were hastened by the raid. 

David: What was your reaction to the recent court’s decision?

Valerie: Mike and I are thrilled, really really moved. It is difficult to imagine that sick people would be denied the liberty to seek an end to suffering, that the court would not validate this would be appallingly unjust. Since the raid just 19 months ago 23 WAMM members have died. So, we were not terrifically surprised, overjoyed yes! We hold hope in the judicial process, although the selection of George Bush by the Supreme Court is a foreboding and ominous pronouncement that denies democratic process. Yet, it is imperative that we not falter from our experience of truth, and trust that because it is powerful, truth will prevail.

David: How has working with dying people effected your view of life?

Valerie: It’s helped me to uncover some things about the dance of life, and about approaching the unknown. It’s taught me that the unknown isn’t stalking me because it’s unknown, and that I’m only an observer. I

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