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Valerie Corral – 2

It’s not like death is somewhere else, but that in this moment I can be okay and I can accept it.

David: Why do you think there is so much resistance from the U.S. government regarding the use of marijuana as a medicine?

Valerie: It’s really not a question of a democratic process. If this government, and this administration, where interested in the republic, and if they were interested in supporting a democracy, they would respect the will of the people, and they would allow for an avenue of law that reflects that will. They would not presume, nor would they have the courage even to say to us, that we do not know–that we, as people, do not know our life experience, and can not trust that experience. And if we have that encounter, then we should not be trusted. The reason for that, from my little world view, is because of power. It is not about the acceptance of a democratic state, and state’s rights, or about people in small groups, where their voices are heard, being able govern themselves. This is not about a reflection of a true democracy, nor the support of a republic. It’s about acquiring power and acquiescing nothing–only threats and fear.

So this marijuana struggle is so much about the way that we struggle as human beings. As we struggle against

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