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Valerie Corral – 2

grow and produce the tools that directly affect our health. This is really powerful.

Now you don‘t go bake a marijuana brownie and expect to experience spontaneous healing. I’m not saying that. But I am saying that over time, through the mere act of taking part, being part of something bigger than ourselves, we directly affect the outcome. We have the potential to have a huge effect on illness, and not only our own. We have the potential to affect the health of others. And that’s my job. We may not live forever, but our lives improve, because we feel better. And sometimes we feel better even when we are facing death.

Governments believe that we cannot make these judgments. They are working on new ways to control what we do alone to ourselves. They are changing the language from “drug war” to ‘harm reduction” or “treatment.” That way, for those of us who are incorrigible repeat offenders, others will determine the kind of drugs that we can take, the “good” ones, and the kind of drugs that we can’t take, the “bad” ones. In an attempt to enforce what the ONDCP has coined as “compassionate coercion,” institutions will determine when inappropriate behavior warrant the forced use of these “good” drugs. 

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