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Valerie Corral – 2

whose crop it is. It specifies that particular garden. It’s specific to the patient and address, and really can’t be forged or easily altered. This is what a small organization can do.
There are so many people who are responsible for Proposition 215. It was a magnificent grassroots effort, truly extraordinary. But we knew we needed money and a lot of it. “Right action” matters very little in politics. You can see how the present regime tosses around the term “compassion” then jails sick and dying people. So, we got that it is all about advertising. I don’t think Americans are stupid, for the most part, just numb and mentally lazy. 

Fortunately a few compassionate funders rallied by financing a massive ad campaign. While the relief of suffering is a noble act, this movement is part of an effort to protect fundamental freedoms based on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Civil rights is the issue. There is a great deal to protect, and there is a massive effort, insidious in nature, to keep us from doing so. It would control not only how we chose to treat our bodies, but the way we think about how our bodies are treated. It is that “good drug/bad drug” theory. I took all the “good” drugs that were not stopping my epilepsy and were killing me. But when I found a “bad” drug that stopped my seizures, and

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