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Valerie Corral – 2

more protection. There’s more juice, more of the sounds working together to make something better, something stronger and more rich. A lot of people that contacted us were dying, so there wasn’t this idea that there was going to be a big long future of interaction. Although we’ve grown many crops, that really wasn’t necessarily it. It was just people coming together who happened to be sick. Some happened to be dying. Some happened to be more able to do physical labor. Others were able to donate money, goods, tools, paper plates, toilet paper–whatever it was that they could bring. Their time. Their energy. This was not so much about the procurement of medicine as it was about the interaction of people working together to make it happen.
We are many things, but WAMM members are courageous. Illness can be a formidable demon. Its pain can be exhausting and grueling.

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