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Timothy Leary

the basic forms of cosines, which are like the linings of the esophagus, which are like the clouds.

See, coastlines and coast-like phenomena are wonderful, because they are a way of miniaturizing information. If you took a coastline and pulled it out, it’d be like ten miles long, but not if you crunch it together, like the DNA code is. It’s a way of miniaturizing and packaging. Now, the notion of algorithms account for non-locality of cause. Whether it’s Bell’s physical experiments, or Sheldrake’s hundred monkeys. It’s so comforting to know that everyone is right. It’s just that we can improve the theories, and make Sheldrake and Bell more precise and comprehensible.

DJB: Can you tell us about any current projects on which you’re working?

TIMOTHY: Yes, I’m working on a series of educational programs that allow us to convert education into exciting performance. I’ve recently been appointed a professor at Penn State. You don’t teach courses, you coach. The stars in this metaphor of learning, naturally, are the students, just like baseball. The coach or the teacher–he’s the one who just tells you how to use your bat. The stars are the players, who we formerly called students. So I’m coaching students at Penn State via computer. I’m also preparing to nationally syndicate a daily five-minute radio commentary and a weekly half-hour television talk show.

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