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Terence K. McKenna

relinquishing control of the planet to the maternal matrix of Gaia.

DJB: It’s interesting the way you anticipate each question. The recent development of fractal images seems to imply that visions and hallucinations can be broken down into a precise mathematical code. With this in mind, do you think the abilities of the human imagination can be replicated in a super computer?

Terence: Yes. Saying that the components of hallucinations can be broken down and duplicated by mathematical code isn’t taking anything away from them. Reality can be taken apart and reduplicated with this same mathematical code, that’s what makes the fractal idea so powerful. One can type in half a page of code, and on the screen get river systems, mountain ranges, deserts, ferns, coral reefs, all being generated out of half a page of computer coding. This seems to imply that we are finally discovering really powerful mathematical rules that stand behind visual appearances. And yes, I think supercomputers, computer graphics and simulated environments, this is very promising stuff. When the world’s being run by machines, we’ll be at the movies. Oh boy.

RMN: It seems that human

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