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Robert Anton Wilson

universe doesn’t make sense, the universe is irrational and so on. If you reformulate it without the “is” of identity, there’s no paradox at all. The electron appears as a wave when we measure it in certain ways. The electron appears as a particle when we measure it in other ways. There’s no contradiction. There are a lot of other ideas in general semantics that are equally useful in clarifying thought.

DJB: That’s one of the claims of the recent technology of brain machines. What experiences have you had with them, which ones do you find the most promising and what kind of potential do you think they hold for the future?

ROBERT: The most outstanding experience I’ve had with a brain machine was with the first one, the Pulstar. I had an out-of-body experience which registered as flat brain waves on the EEG, and that fascinated me. That was the first objective sign I had ever seen that something was going on in out-of-body experiences besides heightened imagination. I don’t see much difference between a lot of the brain machines around. Some are demonstrably inferior, and out of charity I won’t mention their names. Some claim to be very superior to all the others, but as far as I can see, most of them function pretty much the same.

At present, I’m more interested in the light and sound machines than I am in the electro-magnetic machines, because there is some legitimate cause for concern that sending electro-magnetism into your brain too often may not be good for you. The whole field is growing very fast. There’s a bunch of tapes put out by Acoustic Brain Research in North Carolina. They use only sound, but they combine it with subliminals and Ericksonian hypnosis in a way that I find very effective. They’re using sound at the same frequencies that you find in the electro-magnetic machines, or the light and sound machines.

The Graham Potentializer does seem a little more powerful than any of the other machines, but I wouldn’t guarantee it because I haven’t had enough experience with it yet. What T want to see is more controlled, double-blind studies of these machines, because everybody has their own anecdotal impressions, but we don’t really know yet which are the best. Which wave forms are the best? We don’t know that yet. Why do some people respond better to one than to others? We don’t know why. There’s a lot mure to be learned and I’m very eager to see more research.

RMN: Do you think that the use of brain machines requires an accompanying discipline?

ROBERT: I suspect so. One manufacturer told me that the return rate is about fifteen percent. I think these machines are much easier than the biofeedback machines, but they still require some discipline. I think they require some previous experience with Yoga, or Zen, or some consciousness-altering work. You need some kind of previous experience or you just won’t know how to use the machine. I don’t think the machine really works as an entrainer unless you practice between sessions, trying to revive the state without the machine. A lot of people can’t do that, they just assume that the machine will do all the work for them, which is kind of like thinking that you just get in the car and it’ll take you where you want to go.

DJB: The potential of nanotechnology seems far more vast. How do you think it’s development will affect human consciousness in the future?

ROBERT: I haven’t thought much about that. That’s an interesting question. It’s going to change everything. Nanotechnology is a much bigger jump than anything else on the horizon. It’s bigger than space colonization, bigger than longevity. It’s a million times bigger than the industrial revolution. It’s going to change things so much that I

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