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Robert Anton Wilson

human, just, fair, decent and intelligent form of society.

RMN: Do you have hope that we can achieve it?

ROBERT: Yes, I do, in spite of the evidence we see on all sides of stupidity, ignorance, bigotry and the seemingly inexhaustible lust of the masses to be trampled on by Fuhrer figures and father figures. I see the last two hundred years as a staggering, groping, fumbling toward a partnership society.

RMN: Riane Eisler doesn’t address the masculinity of the Devil-the fact that in this society, the dark side as well as the light side of spiritual power is depicted as male. Do you have any ideas about that?

ROBERT: They do have some shadowy feminine counterparts. There’s the Lilith, the female Devil, and buried in Judaism there’s the Shekinah, the female aspect of God. I’m more interested in the way that the Devil infiltrated Christianity disguised as Santa Claus. Very few people realize the archetypes are the same. It’s the old pagan fertility god. Satan is the caricature that the Christian church created, but the fertility god came back as Santa, and he wears the same red suit as the Devil. The name Satan and Santa are made up of the same letters; you just move one and you’ve changed Santa into Satan.

RMN: That’s interesting. The Devil and sexuality are correlated in many people’s minds. Religious and political authorities have consistently attempted to control human sexuality and nip individual freedom in the bud. How do you see the role of sexuality evolving into the future?

ROBERT: I was just reading Jean Shinoda Bolen’s book Gods in Everyman yesterday, and I found some of myself in Hades, though that’s the younger me back in my adolescence and early twenties. I also see parts of myself in Hermes, but I see a great deal of Dionysus. My mystical feelings and my sexual feelings are so close together that I find it hard to understand how Western society ever separated them. But that just goes to show that I’m a Dionysian type. Our society is run by Zeus types and Apollo types to whom the separation is perfectly natural.

RMN: Do you think society is evolving towards a more Dionysian character?

ROBERT: Yeah. We have been since the sixties. Woodstock was a Dionysian festival–it was the rebirth of Dionysus–and right away the lid came down. My God Dionysus is loose! King Pentheus immediately called out the cops. The Dionysian religion had entered his kingdom and he tried to crush it, but he was torn apart by his own mother. That’s a warning of what happens when you try to suppress Dionysus; it’s one of the classic Greek myths. Look what happened to Nixon–he got torn apart. The only president to be forced to resign. Reagan escaped unscathed but I still have an intuition that he’s going to be repudiated. I think the people are going to be as disgusted with Reagan as they were with Nixon–eventually. I even had high hopes that George Bush was going to be impeached. Of course, he picked Quayle as impeachment insurance, but I just have a strong suspicion, based on Confucius, that the general decline of morals and manners in this country, the general increase in the sleaze factor in American life and the general corruption and crookedness, are all due to the fact that people like Nixon and Agnew get away scot-free. They had television pictures of DeLorean peddling cocaine. When I heard about this I said, “A man with that much money isn’t going to be convicted, even if they have him on television.” And he wasn’t.

Once everybody becomes aware that the rich can commit any crime in the book and get away with it, then the general attitude is, “Well, why don’t we do the same?” The whole sociobiology of Confucius is when the ruling class are decent, honorable, gentlemen scholars,

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