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Pregnenolone and Psoriasis

Skin Improvement
Pregnenolone and Psoriasis
ecently, I discovered a way to dramatically improve a chronic problem I’ve had ever since I was a teenager: psoriasis. This skin problem dissipated after I began using a combination of pregnenolone with a synthetic form of Vitamin D, called Dovonex (a topological ointment distributed by Squibb Pharmaceuticals).1 Prior to taking these two substances in combination, I tried them both alone. Each showed a mild to moderate improvement when I used them separately, but in combination the effect was nothing short of extraordinary!

I’m currently 37 years old. My problem with psoriasis began when I was 12 years old. The red, scaly patches of dry, irritated skin covered my elbows, knees, ankles, ears, scalp, and hands in the summer. In the winter, the problem spread over larger portions of my body. Over the years I have tried many different topological (on the skin) treatments. In the past the only things that seemed to help some were sunlight, low stress, and a healthy diet.

About two months ago I began taking 10 mg of pregnenolone orally per day. Initially, I noticed pregnenoloneincreased my physical energy, sharpened my mental focus, and cranked up my sex drive. Since I began takingpregnenolone my overall health has benefited and my general mood has elevated. Also, I soon noticed that my psoriasis had significantly improved simultaneously.

It occurred to me that I might try applying the Dovonex ointment in combination with the pregnenolone. I was astonished to discover that my psoriasis was now completely clearing up. Within two weeks of using the two together, I virtually cleared up every patch of psoriasis on my body. For the first time since I was 12 years old, my ears – the worst affected area of my body – became 100% free of psoriasis. I was so happy! And still am!

Another factor that could be involved in the resolution of my psoriasis may be due to the fact that I completely eliminated alcohol from my diet at the same time that I began taking pregnenolone supplements. Prior to the supplementation, I had been drinking several glasses of wine a few nights per week. This seemed to be aggravating my psoriasis. Complete elimination of wine from my diet may have played a role in the success I had with treating this very upsetting disease that has plagued me since adolescence, but no more!

I would very much like to see some research done in this area. I spoke with Dr Eugene Roberts, a biochemist researching the therapeutic effects of pregnenolone, about this subject. Dr Roberts told me that psoriatic skin often is associated with low levels of DHEA.2 He said a topological DHEA-Vitamin D ointment might prove useful for treating psoriasis. He was very excited about my personal results. He is currently trying to find dermatologists who are interested in being involved in a study on how these steroid hormones may be helpful for those who suffer from psoriasis.

I hope that sharing my story helps others. I have been so positively affected by the combined use ofpregnenolone and Vitamin D ointment, that I believe it may be beneficial to others who suffer from psoriasis.

–David Jay Brown


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