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Aharon and Amalia Barnea 
Albert Hofmann, Ph.D 
Alex Grey 
Alex Grey – 2 
Alexander and Ann Shulgin 
Allen Ginsberg 
Andrew Weil 
Annie Sprinkle 
Antioxidants Extend Life 
Arlen Riley Wilson 
Art and Psychedelics 
Aubrey de Grey 
Barry Sears 
Bernie Siegel 
Bruce Sterling 
Candace B. Pert 
Carolyn Mary Kleefeld 
Charles Tart, Ph.D. 
Clifford Pickover 
Colin Wilson 
Dan Baum 
Daniel Siebert 
David Jay Brown 
Dean Radin 
Dean Radin – 2 
Deepak Chopra 
Dennis McKenna, Ph.D. 
Douglas Rushkoff 
Dr. Motoji Ikeya 
Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw 
Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw – 2 
Edgar Dean Mitchell 
Elizabeth Gips 
Etho-Geological Forecasting 
Etho-Geological Forecasting 
Eugene Roberts Ph.D. 
Fakir Musafar 
Francis Jeffrey 
Garry Gordon 
George Carlin 
Hans Moravec 
Hans Moravec – 2 
Hydergine and Albert Hofmann 
Jack Kevorkian 
Jacob Teitelbaum 
James Berkland 
James Ketchum, M.D. 
Jaron Lanier 
Jean Houston 
Jeff McBride 
Jeremy Narby 
Jerry Garcia 
Jill Purce 
John Allen 
John C. Lilly 
John E. Mack – 2 
John Guerin 
John Mack 
John Morgenthaler 
John Robbins 
Jonathan Wright 
Joseph Knoll 
Julia Butterfly Hill 
Kary Mullis 
Kary Mullis – 2 
Larry Dossey 
Laura Huxley 
Leonard Hayflick, Ph.D. 
Marija Gimbutas 
Marios Kyriazis 
Marsha Adams 
Mati Klarwein 
Matthew Fox 
Michael Fossel, Ph.D., M.D. 
Michael West 
Motoji Ikeya 
Nick Herbert 
Nina Graboi 
Noam Chomsky 
Oscar Janiger 
Paul Krassner 
Penny Slinger 
Peter Duesberg 
Peter McWilliams 
Peter Russell 
Pregnenolone and Psoriasis 
Ralph Abraham 
Ram Dass 
Ram Dass – 2 
Ram Dass – 3 
Raphael Mechoulam 
Ray Kurzweil 
Ray Kurzweil – 2 
Reverend Ivan Stang 
Riane Eisler and David Loye 
Rick Strassman 
Robert Anton Wilson 
Robert Anton Wilson – 2 
Robert Trivers 
Robert Williams 
Robert Williams 
Roland Griffiths, Ph.D. 
Rosemary Woodruff Leary 
Rupert Sheldrake 
Rupert Sheldrake – 2 
Secrets of Caloric Restriction 
Sex and Cabergoline 
Sex and Cialis 
Sex and Damiana 
Sex and Deprenyl 
Sex and DHEA 
Sex and L-arginine 
Sex and Pheromones 
Sex and Salvia divinorum 
Sex and Tribulus 
Sex and Uprima 
Sex and Yohimbe 
Simon Posford 
Stanislav Grof. M.D., Ph.D. 
Stephen La Berge 
Terence K. McKenna 
Theories of Aging 
Timothy Leary 
Timothy Leary – 2 
Understanding Sex on Viagra 
Valerie Corral 
Valerie Corral – 2 
William Irwin Thompson 
William Kautz 
William Regelson 

Mavericks of Medicine – Acknowlegments

Mavericks of Medicine – Acknowlegments

As with most books, many people played valuable roles in its creation.

This book resulted from conversations that I had with my friend and colleague John Morgenthaleller. John is responsible for coining the term “smart drugs,” for writing the first books on the subject, and for much of the public’s awareness about how certain drugs and nutrients can enhance cognitive performance. I met John backstage on the set for the Montel Williams Show in 1990, right after his book Smart Drugs and Nutrients was first published, and a large portion of what I know about these substances I initially learned from him. Learning about cogntive enhancers like hydergine and deprenyl changed my life, so I am indebted to John in numerous ways–including his valuable help as the editor and publisher of this book. So, first and foremst I would like to thank John for making this book possible.

I would also like to thank my associates at Smart Publication, Ed Kinon and Dale Fowkes, for their encouragement and excitement about the project. Extra special thanks go to Erin Eileen Jarvis, for her invaluable biochemical expertise and generous help with the glossary, and to Louise Reitman, Joe & Suzie Wouk, Amy Barnes Excolere, Anna Damoth, Arleen Margulis, Sherry and Serena Hall, Jesse Ray Houts, Valerie Leveroni Corral, Robin Rae & Brummbaer, Clifford Pickover, Robert Anton Wilson, Deed DeBruno, Dana Bomar, and Carolyn Mary Kleefeld.

I would also like to thank the following individuals for their valuable help: Ruth Holmes, Mike Morganroth, Amy Powers, Brian Becker, Nancy Olmstead, Anne Genovese, Nancy Mullis, Sandy Oppenheim, Jean-Louis Husson, Richard Goldberg, Holly Morgenthaler, Carrie Scharf, Lamika Keller, Nancy Guyon, Chris Higgins, Annie Sprinkle, Denise Stow, Russel Jaffe, M.D., Randy Baker, M.D., Mimi Hill, Dana Peleg, Carole Myers, David Wayne Dunn, Robin Atwood, Emily Brown, Sherri Paris, Mike Corral, Denis Berry, the members of WAMM and the RAW Group Mind, Senta Rose Hernandez, Lisa Marie Souza, Katherine Covell, Bethan Carter, Rupert Sheldrake, Michael Brown, Sammie and Tudie, Heather Hazen, Karen Lieberman, Bernadette Wilson, Nick Herbert, Jody Lombardo, Paula Rae Mellard, Jack Edwards, M.D., Oscar Janiger, M.D., Robin Chase, Matthew Steiner, Scott Crowley, Sylvia Thyssen, Dina Meyer, Cheryle and Gene Goldstein, Linda Meyer, Arlene Istar Lev, and Shahab Geranmayeh.

I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to all the people that I interviewed for their valuable time, generous help, and thoughtful speculations.

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