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Liberty and the Pursuit of Forbidden Fruit

Health Organization declared that marijuana is much less dangerous than alcohol or tobacco. Isn’t it funny how these studies don’t often make it into the mainstream media?

Our government wants people to believe that marijuana causes brain damage, and acts a “gateway drug”, leading children down the devil’s path to hard-core addictive drugs. There is absolutely no scientific evidence for this “gate-way drug” myth. Every study ever done on marijuana confirms that it doesn’t lead to harder drugs, as well as how non-toxic it is.

Marijuana is probably the safest psychoactive drug known. In all of human history, there is not one reported death from a marijuana overdose. Yet the DEA is willing to pay television stations millions of dollars (of our money) to alter the scripts of their shows, so as to reflect their malicious propaganda, and tell us how “dangerous” it is. Of course, only the politicians can save us from this horrible menace.

Will the government ever stop its insanity? Probably not by themselves. Only when public outcry reaches a high enough pitch will they be forced to concede to the will of the people. Because the younger pot-smoking generations are gradually replacing the older alcohol-tobacco generations the end of the Drug War is inevitable. When that finally happens the viscously oppressive system will crumble like the Berlin Wall. On that glorious day we can all celebrate by sparking up a doobie. A new era of peace, freedom and tolerance will be ushered in. Then we can really start having fun.


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Special thanks to Robert Anton Wilson and Peter McWilliams, who kept me up-to-date on the proceedings of the Drug War through their informative internet news-groups. In-depth interviews with these two extraordinary individuals can be found on my Web site:

This essay orginally appeared in Rebels and Devils (New Falcon, 2000). David Jay Brown is the author of two science fiction novels — Brainchild (New Falcon, 1988) and Virus: The Alien Strain (New Falcon, 1999). He is also the co-author of two collections of interviews with controversial, cutting-edge scientists and artists– Mavericks of the Mind (Crossing Press, 1993) and Voices from the Edge (Crossing Press, 1995).


The desire to recreationally ingest psychoactive drugs is deeply rooted in our biological nature. The hunger to get high is as natural as the desire to eat, sleep, and procreate.

UCLA psychopharmacologist Ron Siegel believes that “the desire for intoxication is actually a fourth drive, as unstoppable as hunger, thirst, and sex.”

This is why the War on Drugs in America is really a war against human nature.

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