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Laura Huxley

DJB: Have you had any other experiences where you felt the presence of Aldous after he had died?

LAURA I went to one or two other mediums who also gave me a very strong presence, but not like that one. That one was…

DJB: Uncanny.

LAURA That’s right.

RMN: Would you describe yourself as a religious person?

LAURA It depends on what you mean by religion. I don’t know exactly. What does religion mean anyway?

RMN: In Latin it means “to be tied back,” the idea being that one’s spirit is bound to God in some way. I guess you can interpret God however you want.

LAURA Well, I eat God every day when I have a meal.

RMN: Okay, let’s put it another way. What’s your personal understanding of God, apart from food?

LAURA I think–I feel–that there is an immense power; something that is so incredible that we cannot even imagine it–it has so much more imagination than we have. So that when we imagine God, we just imagine as far as we can imagine. But our imagination is very limited when you think of all the flowers and stars. You think of a star, and you think of a cell, and it’s mind-boggling.

DJB: Yeah, we can’t even grasp ourselves, let alone a supreme being of cosmic proportions.

LAURA Exactly. How can we grapple with God when we don’t even understand the simplest of things? I don’t even know what goes on when I speak to you, or how you hear and how you interpret what you hear and how this influences what I am going to say, etc., etc.

RMN: Why do you think that people get so hyped up about religion, which causes so much war and devastation? Why do people get so worked up about trying to prove one god against another god?

LAURA I think that we’ve come once again to a basic problem: fear. Suppose that a person has been worshipping a certain god with millions of other people. That gives security. It is like saying, “Millions of us cannot be wrong; we have the best god.” These persons’ security is threatened by the possibility that there is another and a better god, the possibility that “Maybe I am wrong.” It’s again the fear, the fear of being wrong. Of course, I may be wrong; who isn’t? But being wrong could be grist for the mill–the possibility of discovery. The greatest blessing of all time would be the presence of a Genius of Love who could diminish the Global Fear even a little bit. Fear is the most widespread, malignant, infectious disease.

RMN: Do you think you could define consciousness?

LAURA I would equate it with life, and life has many different levels of consciousness. In general when we say “consciousness,” we mean that particular consciousness of which we are aware: the consciousness that becomes aware of itself. But there is a lot of consciousness that is, but is not aware of being, and of which we are not aware.

DJB: To some people there is just simply consciousness and unconsciousness.

LAURA Oh no, no.

DJB: Obviously there are many, many stages and levels.

LAURA Yes, oh yes. I believe that’s why it is so interesting to be alive-because there is just so much that we don’t know, because there lies forever still another surprise. How sad life would be for the person who knows everything!

RMN: Do you think that humanity is evolving towards, to use Nina Graboi’s phrase, a “species-wide enlightenment”?

LAURA There are some good signs. The problem is that it is so slow. But if you compare what was going on in the Middle Ages–for instance, what was going on with child labor, and how people who were mentally upset were put into dungeons we see that there is an evolution. The point that my husband made again and again is that the real problem is overpopulation, which makes evolution much slower. Because there is such a large number of us, evolution is very slow. The more mass there is, the slower the evolution.

DJB: What was it that inspired you to write your beautiful book for children OneADayReason To Be Happy?

LAURA Because it seemed so natural. We think that children have such a good time; but often life is quite difficult for them. The same for teachers–besides parents, they are the most underrated, unappreciated, underpaid class in America. Teachers work hard to make school meaningful for children and children should acknowledge that. So I thought that children who do not yet read and write could have the equivalent of homework everyday,

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