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Laura Huxley

not only before birth–a fact which is now being finally accepted–but also in the physical, psychological, and spiritual preparation of the couple before conception. We call it “Prelude to Conception.”

The most cruel and unanswerable question that, shamefully, is now a despicable political banner: “Should I abort or nor abort?” Must not exist in a culture that thinks of itself as advanced and civilized. There is more attention, time and care given to choosing an automobile than to the decision of creating the greatest miracle of all: a human being. Surely if the future parents prepare for this miracle, if they inquire into themselves and their relationship honestly enough, and then decide to have a child, the question of abortion could not exist. Dr. Piero Ferrucci and I have written a bookThe Child of Your Dreams, which is being reissued by Inner Traditions International. In it we follow the future human being, the possible human, from the time s/he is only a thought and a desire in the mind of the parents until three years of age. It is an extraordinary voyage, the most extraordinary of all voyages if one pays attention to it.

DJB: Final words?

LAURA Final words are not my own. When Ferrucci and I were thinking and working on “Prelude to Conception,” a prayer came to me. I did not write it-only wrote it down. It belongs to everyone. Here it is:

“Prayer of the Unconceived”
Men and women who are on Earth
You are our creators.
We, the unconceived, beseech you:
Let us have living bread.
The builder of our new body
Let us have pure water
The vitalizer of our blood.
Let us have clean air
So that every breath is a caress
Let us feel the petals of jasmine and roses
Which are as tender as our skin.
Men and women who are the Earth
You are our creators.
We, the unconceived, beseech you:
Do not give us a world of rage and fear
For our minds will be rage and fear.
Do not give us violence and pollution
For our bodies will be disease and abomination.
Let us be wherever we are
Rather than bringing us
Into a tormented self-destroying humanity.
Men and women who are the Earth You are our creators.
We, the unconceived, beseech you:
If you are ready to love and be loved, Invite us to this Earth
Of the Thousand Wonders
And we will be born
To love and be loved.

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