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John Morgenthaler

were reporting on an improvement in their sex life, which was curious at first. But then, it was such a regular feature of these letters, that we got to looking at it more seriously. And we found that many of the smart drugs and smart nutrients also had prosexual effects, and vice versa.

David: Why do you think that is?

John: I suppose it’s because, in many cases, they’re working to bring about an optimization of functioning of your nervous system and endocrine system. So the smart drug benefits, and the prosexual benefits, are really both, in a way, side effects of that one primary change. For instance, many of the smart drugs might work by improving blood flow in the brain, or it might work by balancing sex hormone levels.

David: What do you think are some of the most important prosexual substances are that people should know about?

John: Arginine is probably the most important. It depends on if we’re talking about a person that has some sort of problem to start with or not. It also depends on what age group you’re talking about. But, without question, if we’re talking about a man with some erectile difficulties, arginine has got to be the first line of defense. It’s easy to get, and it’s relatively inexpensive. It’s a nutrient, it’s very safe, and its effectiveness is very very high. It works by raising nitric oxide levels. I’ve recommended it to many people who were having erectile difficulties, and it works in about 100% of the cases so far. It’s very, very effective.

But erectile difficulties aren’t the case for everybody. A lot of times the reason somebody would be interested in this area to begin with might be because they are post-menopausal–and I am using that term for both men and women. A lot of people don’t think that men go through menopause, but they do. This is being talked about in the literature now, if you define menopause as a decline of sex hormone levels. The difference between men and women is that women go through it as a relatively abrupt change; it happens all at once, over just a few short years. So they see this transformation. For men, it happens very gradually, over a period of twenty to thirty years. And what you see is primarily testosterone levels dropping, and, correspondingly, estrogen levels going up. So you see this as a function of age in all men.

Some men are lucky because they start out with a high testosterone level, and it’s decline is relatively small, so they never notice anything. But all men get a decline of testosterone, and most men get an increase in estrodial. So we need to correct that. And when you look closely at a lot of the prosexual supplements, you’ll see that they are correcting these underlying changes that happen with aging. Tribulus, for example, increases the brain’s out of LH and increases your testosterone levels. All the adaptagens, like ginseng, bring about an improvement in the ratio of testosterone and estrodial.

David: What are some of the important new developments that have come along since you wrote Better Sex Through Chemistry?

John: We did a book since then called The Smart Guide to Better Sex. Our purpose was to create a book that was for a more popular audience. Also, we wanted to bring the material up to date, and to touch on things that hadn’t been touched on in the previous book. Actually, there really wasn’t that much that was new. There were some important new herbs, and we didn’t know about Tribulus when we wrote the first book. So that was fairly new. There’s some solid research on Tribulus now.

David: Can you talk a little bit about the research that’s been done with Tribulus?

John: It seems to be an adaptagen. An adaptagen is a substance, like a tonic, that works by bringing about balance in endocrine function, and other things in the body, even sometimes cholesterol. Ginseng is the classic adaptagen. So what you’ll find is that, with an adaptagen like ginseng, if stress hormones are too low, it’ll bring them up. If they’re too high, it’ll bring them down. The same thing with some of the sex hormones. So Tribulus seems to work like an adaptagen, pushing in whatever direction you need to go. And in most people it seems to bring about an increase in testosterone.

John: I guess that implies that most people have low testosterone levels.

John: Yeah, people over forty anyway.

David: Are there any other new prosexual substances that you think people should know about?

John: Well, there are a couple of things which look very interesting, but there’s just not a great deal of research on them yet. It seems like it’s about to happen. One substance of particular interest in this regard is Eurycoma longifolia. Yeah, it’s quite a mouthful. It’s been in use all over Southeast Asia, especially Malaysia, for a long long time as a general tonic and aphrodisiac. And now we’re starting to see some scientific research on it. It still hasn’t been elucidated how it works, but it will probably turn out to enhance sex hormone levels. One of the things that’s pretty nice about it is that it works on women real well too. A lot of these things don’t work out that well on women. This one does.

David: What are you currently working on?

John: Most of my time goes into our monthly newsletter, which, these days, I find more gratifying than doing books. We get to touch on a lot more topics, and actually we reach more people.

David: How can people get access to your newsletter, and find out more about your work?

John: They can go to our web site to subscribe to it. It’s a free subscription.

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