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John C. Lilly

that scared the hell out of me, and then I realized, hey, this is happening all the time! Why should I be scared of something that’s happening all the time?

DJB: What do you think about the potential of using ketamine in conjunction with psychotherapy?

JOHN: They did it in Iran. One hundred patients. Got them all out of the hospital in one trip. They programmed in that which the patient feared most. Did I tell you what happened to me with that? I went and looked up the Iranian reprint at the UCLA Medical Library and the Albanian one which confirmed the Iranian study.

This whole business about keying in that which is feared most stuck out. So I came back here and took 200 mg of ketamine. Suddenly I was transported to the year 3000 by ECCO and they removed my penis bloodlessly. I screamed in terror and Toni, my late wife, came running out of the bedroom. She looked at me and said, “It’s still attached.” So I looked up at the ceiling and said, “Who the hell is in charge up there? A bunch of psychotic kids? And the answer came back, “Dr. Lilly, you were at the UCLA Medical Library this afternoon

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