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John C. Lilly

took PCP you wouldn’t kill anybody. Sidney Cohen, who died last year, was the head of the committee of the Mental Health Institute for Drug Abuse. He said, “How is it that PCP and ketamine have similar molecules. Have you ever seen any violence with ketamine?” I said, “No.” He said, “Well, with PCP we sec it all the time.” I said, “Look Sidney, you’ve forgotten that there’s a selection of people who take PCP and a selection of people who take ketamine. All the people that I know who take ketamine are professionals who have respect for their own minds and brains. They’re knowledgeable and educated and they’re not violent. But the people who take PCP are violent in the first place; peaceful people who take PCP don’t get violent.

RMN: What do you think needs to happen before war becomes an obsolete activity?

JOHN: It won’t happen. Something must make people busy together and war does that.

RMN: Does busy have to mean war? Are there no alternatives?

JOHN: Now Kennedy

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