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Etho-Geological Forecasting

in some animal brains, Berkland thinks that it is possible that animals  may be reacting to their own headaches caused by changes in the earth’s  electromagnetic field. He said that a dog was observed chewing on willow bark–the plant from which aspirin In derived–prior to an earthquake,  and he believes that this was an attempt by the dog to self-medicate  himself for the headache.

Berkland also told me that some people with Multiple Sclerosis–a  disease caused by Improper insulation around the electrically-conductive fibers of the nervous system–experience an increase in symptoms weeks  before an earthquake. Since the nervous system is an electrochemical  system, it doesn’t seem surprising that geologically-based electrical  field changes would disrupt it’s functioning.

Besides unusual animal behavior, other mysterious phenomena are often  connected with earthquakes. The regular eruptions of geysers have been  interrupted. Well levels have been reported to change, or the water In  them has been known to become cloudy. Magnets have been said to  temporarily lose their power. Many people report that there is suddenly  an unexplainable stillness In the air, and that all around them  everything becomes completely silent. Strange lights are often seen  glowing from the earth, and unusual fogs have been reported. (Several  years ago my girlfriend and I once witnessed a spectacular display of  “earth lights” for around a half hour one evening in the Santa Cruz  mountains of California, which are riddled with fault lines. Click here  to read an account of this experience.)

These phenomena are all consistent with the notion that the odd animal  behavior may result from changes In the earth’s electromagnetic field,  or the release of electrically-charged particles due to Intense pressure on crystalline rock. It’s interesting that a number of people claim to  have sighted UFO’s hovering around earthquake sites. Even more puzzling  to explain are the reports of unusual animal behavior prior to so-called

“alien abduction” experiences, which Karen Wesolowski–Executive  Director of PEER (Program for Extraordinary Experience Research)–told  me about. (PEER Is an organization that was founded by Harvard  psychiatrist John Mack to study people who claim to have been abducted  by alien beings.)

The UFO sightings are probably due to a phenomenon called  “selsmoatmospheric luminescence”, where the release of  electrically-charged particles from the earth causes auras and lights to be seen. This, and other electrical anomalies, like interference in  radio and television broadcasts, seem best explained by the electrical  changes that occur prior to earthquakes.

Disruptions in The Mind Field:

A possible explanation for the psychological effects underlying the  strange animal behavior arises from the fact that electrically-charged  ionic particles have been shown to change neurotransmitter (chemical  messenger) ratios in animal brains. More specifically,  electrically-charged ionic particles have been shown to alter serotonin  (a neurotransmitter responsible for neural inhibition) levels In animal  brains. Since charged ions may be released prior to some earthquakes, It has been suggested that this may explain the two seemingly contradictory behavior patterns discussed earlier, where normally-calm pets seem to  become frightened, and wild animals often appear to lose their sense of  fear.

Serotonin levels In the brain help to mediate an animal’s fear response. This Is why serotonin re-uptake antidepressants like Prozac are  prescribed for people with social anxiety. By increasing serotonin  availability the brain, the emotion of fear is reduced. Pre-earthquake  electrical field changes may effect neurotransmitter levels In different species of animals’ brains In different ways, and this may account for  the difference In reactions between wild and domesticated animals.  However, it does appear that serotonin is, at least, one of the primary  neurochemical variables that’s being altered prior to earthquakes. There could be others.

These neurotransmitter changes could possibly help to explain another  related phenomenon. I’ve noticed that earthquakes (like solar eclipses)  sometimes trigger an intense consciousness-altering experience in  people. People often feel energized, emotionally open, and acutely  sensitive following earthquakes. Powerful bonding experiences often  occur between people In the aftermath of a quake. It’s Interesting that  people almost seem like they’re under the Influence of MDMA (Ecstasy,  the controversial “rave” drug which floods the brain with serotonin)  after earthquakes. Earthquake victims often walk around after the quake  In a euphoric daze, hugging one another and expressing feelings of love.

Although this is likely to be true for any natural disaster that people  share, there may be more going on. Subjectively, earthquake experiences  often take on dreamlike qualities, or have a sense of unreality about  them. Perhaps this is because our most cherished notion of what is safe  and solid in the world–the very ground upon which we rest–becomes  wobbly and unstable. Our whole sense of reality is shaken with the  earth, as one is suddenly lifted up out of the mundane, and thrust into  the center of what seems to be an immensely important drama. This  experience can be quite intense, so it’s not inconceivable to suppose  that geologically-generated electrical signals stimulate our nervous  systems in ways that heighten this experience by altering our  neurotransmitter levels.

Extrasensory Perception and Precognition Theories:

Other possible explanations for unusual pre-earthquake behavior come  from the realm of parapsychology. It could be that what the animals are  actually experiencing is a form of precognition, or they could be  perceiving and responding to stimuli that currently science has no way  to measure. Support for the notion of precognition is increased when one compares the reports of unusual animal behavior with the even more  puzzling reports of strange animal behavior reported in England during  World War II (which Dr. Sheldrake–who has built up a database of such  accounts–told me about). Animals were said to act with fear and  agitation prior to aerial bomb raids, long before they could have  possibly heard or felt the vibrations from the approaching aircrafts.  More recent evidence comes from a woman I visited In Israel (Savyon  Liebrecht, a popular writer), who told me that during the 1991 Persian  Gulf War her dog always ran into the bomb shelter before the air raid  siren sounded.

There Is actually considerable scientific support for psi or psychic  phenomena such as telepathy and precognition, although much of the  public, and even many scientists, are unaware of this. Some of the most  convincing evidence for these types of phenomena were uncovered by Dean  Radin, a renown psi researcher and author of The Conscious Universe.  (Click here to read an interview with Radin.) Through a series of  cleverly designed experiments, Radin and his colleagues have  demonstrated that some people can receive information about the future  in ways that conventional science is currently unable to explain. For example, in one of Radin’s experiments subjects became  physiologically aroused a few seconds before they were presented with an

emotionally-stimulating image. (Radin, 1997) A galvanic skin response  (GSR) monitor measured the electrical conductivity of the subjects’ skin while they sat before a video screen that displayed a random series of  Images. Most of the images were of pleasant natural landscapes or  cheerful people, which generated a calming physiological response.  However, every so often, a disturbing or emotionally-arousing image (an  autopsy photo or an erotic photo, for example) would pop up on the  screen, which would generate a measurable response of increased  electrodermal activity. Although the computer was programmed to wait  five seconds before displaying the image (after it was randomly chosen), the subjects’ GSR changes began several seconds before the image was  actually displayed.

One way of interpreting this sort of phenomenon is to suppose that there are time-reversed information flows. Perhaps information can travel  backwards through time. However, this possibility brings with it all the notorious time-travel paradoxes that are well-known in science fiction,  and there may be a simpler explanation. An alternative is to reexamine  our normal concept of what we call the “present moment”. Perhaps this is too limited. What we call “now” is a moment that has a certain  “thickness” in the space-time continuum, some fraction of a second. But  what we consciously experience as “now” may be much shorter than what  unconscious parts of ourselves–or other animals–experience as “now”.

It may be that some animals experience a “thicker” awareness of the  present moment than we do, one that expands farther into the past and  future than we are normally capable of. By this same notion other  animals may experience a “thinner” slice of the present “moment”

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