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Edgar Dean Mitchell

precisely what quantum nonlocality shows us. So we’re finally discovering in science, at the basis of physics, the interconnectedness that the mystic has talked about forever. 

Now, the mystic didn’t know how to express it, and we’ve expressed it in different ways. But here science now has a way to express it. We call it quantum nonlocality, and it’s exactly pushing on that concept, to show how we’re integrated. And we can utilize this understanding to better improve our value systems and our behavior, and to help ourselves reach sustainability. This is what my group and my understandings are all about. Now, how exactly are we’re going to get there? We’re going to live more simply. We’re going to treat each other more kindly. We’re going forgo killing each other at the drop of a hat, in the name of my god is better than god, and my ideas are better than your ideas. We’re going to learn how to solve our issues, short of conflict, violence, and the way we’ve been doing it forever–the law of the jungle.

David: Can you talk a little bit about the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and what you’re currently working on? 

Edgar: Well, much of what we’re talking about right here. We all kind of hold that vision. Now, you’ve talked with Dean Radin and some of his colleagues. They’re working on aspects of this research–to show how the intuitive nonlocal aspects of our psyche works, and on the healing aspect of it. I will tell you that the healing aspect is a very fundamental part of this, and I personally owe a lot to this research. I have studied, watched, and observed many healing incidents–both with very powerful healers, and with collective healing over the years. I have personally experienced it here for myself in the last couple of years, as I had prostate cancer, and subsequently kidney cancer. And I approached them with nontraditional techniques in both cases, and we won. We beat it. I tried techniques that changed my mind about what was going on, and how I handled it. So in both cases I have forgone traditional medical techniques to go with alternative techniques–and it’s worked. It’s a matter of practicing what we preach.

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