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Carolyn Mary Kleefeld

have a uniquely specified part to play.

DJB: Have you had any experiences that you thought to be communications with beings from another planet or not of this world?

CAROLYN: Well, I feel as if I’m in touch with what I call the “ancestral resonance.” This would be a poetic translation for receiving information from everything that’s ever happened. Within one’s every breath lives every beginning.

DJB: It sounds like what Philip K. Dick called Valis–the Vast Active Living Intelligence System, or what the Hindus called the Akashic Records, or Alyha Vijnyana, where all the information in the universe is stored.

CAROLYN: Yes, if you listen to the sounds of the tides of the oceanic pulse, you hear the music of all that’s ever been. Everything that’s ever been has a sound, and the sound is still reverberating from its origin. Of course the eternal symphony is forever expanding with each new cellular note of sound. I have a poem about this idea called “The Lost Language of Unheard Sound.”

DJB: The way that each sound is connected to its whole ancestral past, and carries within it the whole history, and maybe even the future…

CAROLYN: Yes, it can be the exquisite music I heard in deep meditation that inspired my poem. It is the lost language of unheard sound because it’s lost in the infinite until we open our ears and deepen our silence to hear and receive it.

DJB: Have you ever thought that you are translating music into visual forms?

CAROLYN: Yes, the fluid media I use allows the musical colors and rhythms to form a circulation of patterns and forms through me. The fusion of the varied colors and chemicals creates a form of its own, paralleling the

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