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Carolyn Mary Kleefeld

mechanisms that dull my sensibilities. My sensitivities and sensibilities can have the freedom to play, experiment, and just be. Big Sur is a mirror for a beautiful state of mind, hence the real importance of keeping it unpolluted can’t be stressed too much, since we have so few places left that can mirror the human soul. Of course, one’s internal environment always creates one’s perception of the external environment, wherever one is, and can eventually reshape the external.

DJB: So you’re saying that there’s a reflection or a synchronistic parallel between your own inner experience and the environment here?

CAROLYN: Yes, I’m attempting to live in a conscious process with my experience, weaving this integration into my artwork. Of course I’m also dealing with many business issues, social issues and other demands while I live here. So, I’m not able to be totally in meditation. But in dealing with the world, I can see how other people are relating to the universe. There are enormously divergent climates, conflicting psychological warfares, and assumed prejudices that take different cruel forms of human expression. This does not make for a healthier world, and drags our evolutionary force downward like gravity, instead of evolving us into an ideal future.

DJB: What’s dragging the evolutionary force downward?

CAROLYN: I see us as the clothed forces of nature in our vast geometric diversity. Our greatest limitation is our closed minds, our limited perceptions. This causes us to live from survival fears, and prevents us from realizing that we have everything that we need, here on this glorious planet. If all people were to cultivate themselves, the way they think, we could grow out of this survival mentality. But human beings have been raped of their self-rights, and have allowed this to happen. For some reason they’ve given up their original birth-rights.

DJB: Why do you think they’ve done this?

CAROLYN: There’s a temptation to hand over self-responsibility, first to familial hierarchies, then to the influences of educational and governmental “authorities.” On the other hand, we are tools in the hands of nature, and the world uses us according to our strengths and susceptibilities. The jungle needs its mechanics to go on, just as the inter-galactic intelligence needs its imagination.

DJB: So what do you think we can do to help wake people up? Or maybe you’re saying we shouldn’t, because if we’re all part of a larger super-organism, and some people play the role of liver or stomach cells, maybe they don’t need to wake up-but then again you said before that they’re hindering or pulling back on the evolutionary process. So what do you think people can do?

CAROLYN: Ideally, all people would develop a self-referencing point to comprehend themselves and their universe well enough to guide their own vessel with awareness. Otherwise all you have is sleeping, dazed nuts and bolts, endless repetitions of

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