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Carolyn Mary Kleefeld

language for this to happen. Incidentally, we’ve discovered that lovebirds aren’t necessarily monogamous and that falcons can carry grudges.

DJB: Free-love birds?

CAROLYN: Well, their behavior exposes our misconceptions about their monogamy. The creatures’ instincts are the same as ours, except that we are far more complex and lethal. Even though our birds have all their needs met in the aviary, they are still programmed in a survival code, and will fight if territory or sex is involved.

DJB: How has your location influenced your artwork?

CAROLYN: We are living 500 feet above the sea, with a 360-degree view. This serves to keep a lid off our heads. The beauty is a never-ending, changing spectacle. We receive the winds from every direction, which can be quite a challenge to live with. The wildly divergent energies, forces of the “dragon’s crown” where we live, are all translated into my art through the instrument of myself in concert with it all.

DJB: How has being in Big Sur in particular influenced your work?

CAROLYN: It’s a unique place to be. It has accelerated my internal journey, and simultaneously my art, to be in a place where I can create the space and time to let all that’s possible happen. It’s an enigmatic and challenging environment. It’s been essential for me to be in the constant inspiration of nature, where I can be in a position to live my own natural rhythms, and define my own nature. Previously, I didn’t have the time to do so. Here, I’m able to create a world where I can live in my imagination as much of the time as possible.

This wilderness is a place that allows me to be in a receptive and vulnerable state of being. Because I’m not dealing with the daily traffic of a city, I’m not having to use the defense

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