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Carolyn Mary Kleefeld

 What do you think triggered these experiences?

CAROLYN: It is in the dynamics of discovery that innovation occurs. I also am saying that I “respond” from the inside out. Rather than having the exterior world give me its reality, I interpret the reality from within myself.

The experiences are woven and sculpted by my particular nervous system. Those certain experiences that need to be lived as part of one’s evolvement are the ones to leave the deepest impressions. These impressions imprint their design within me and are the songs that emerge in my tides of creative expression.

Also, it is out of the foundation of my own philosophical architecture that I germinate my art, with subsequent reflection, consciousness. Out of this constant processing within me, which is my life’s work, my visible art reveals the seeds, buds, blossoms, fruits, the pollen of my interplay with the unknown. Even the mistakes that are birthed instigate further invention. The propulsion of innovation wings me beyond localized sight.

This last idea intimates the possibilities of developing “laser sight” in the future. This means to inhabit a transparency of being that is so open a system as to let radiance f-lood it. The vision of our futures could possibly allow us to see through the density that now blocks our vision.

From the architecture of a new way of perceiving, we will peer from the infinite spheres and see into the gossamer connections of our electric loom of being. Our cosmic eyes will see immediately into the true laws that be. Instantaneous perception will bloom in this smoldering symbiosis. Our cellular beings will manifest our consciousness in new sight and technologies of life.

RMN: To what extent is your work autobiographical? How do you use it as a tool by which to access, understand, and integrate your inner

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