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Annie Sprinkle

together – it’s very intimate. I think New York is sexy. I also really appreciate the eroticism of nature but to me buildings are nature, cement is nature. I can have an erotic experience with a piece of granite. But I’m scared of bugs. To me, a horrifying sexual experience would be to have a thousand cockroaches on me. That would be the ultimate rape.

David: Salvador Dali said that the most erotic experience he could imagine was to cover himself with honey and have a million flies crawl all over him.

Annie: Oh God! I like that kind of thinking though. Why limit ourselves?

Rebecca: Do you think that women often become addicted to playing the victim?

Annie: Yeah, totally. With this Jesse Helms thing, everyone was saying, “oh, you must feel horrible!” but I don’t let this guy victimize me in any way!

Rebecca: Have you had much experience of censorship?

Annie: Every day. I was arrested for conspiracy to commit sodomy because of a magazine I was publishing.

Rebecca: (laughter) That’s such a weird thing to be arrested for.

Annie: I choose not to be a victim. If everyone’s trying to fight victimization, why are they becoming more victimized?

Rebecca: You don’t seem to have much anger in you at all.

Annie: That’s funny because I do get angry. I really love it, it’s totally orgasmic. I really appreciate it when someone makes me angry. I think women need to express their anger. I walk down the street and I get angry when I’m harassed; “Hey, baby I like those big tits!” or whatever. I’m not totally in another world although I try to be.

Rebecca: You’re doing a good job. (laughter)

Annie: I’m trying to create the world I want. In the world I want I’d like to be able to walk down the street naked. I’d like to see people fucking everywhere, I love seeing people kissing in public. A lot of people don’t like it because it confronts their own sexuality. The word on censorship is that pornography makes people look at their own sexuality. Me being who I am makes things come up for people.

But I still have so much to learn. I don’t claim to be the world’s greatest lover. I claim to have learned as much as I can and worked as much as I can with what I have to be the best lover that I can be. I’m not a prodigy. There’s a lot sexually that I lack, just natural born talents that I don’t have. Certain types of energy, certain body types, a certain sense of rhythm, an ability to thrust. (laughter)

But I’m so grateful for my sexuality, I don’t know what I’d do without it. I’m just amazed that everyone doesn’t want to do pornography, or everyone doesn’t want to be a prostitute or learn more about their sexuality – but they don’t. I’m glad, because it makes me more unique. Except for that bitch Madonna – she’s stepping into my territory.(laughter) My energy feels good today and I feel erotic energy pulsing through my body and I feel sexual connections between all of us.

Rebecca: How does it feel conducting this interview in the house where you grew up?

Annie: I feel good about it. It’s funny because I used to keep my family pictures totally separate from my porno pictures and then they got all mushed up together and kind of finally grew over each other. And I think that’s kind of symbolic of what’s happened in my life. I used to pay my brother a nickel or a quarter to sleep in his bed. I wonder if that’s why I became a prostitute, to make back all that money? (laughter)

Rebecca: The interview so far has mainly been with Annie Sprinkle, but I’m interested in talking to Anya. So as Anya could you tell us how you experience sexuality and what some of your fantasies are and how they differ from Annie’s.

Annie: My first thought is to just go get my vibrator now, it’ll make my head clear. Let’s stop this…..

Rebecca: (half an hour later) So, I was asking about how Annie’s sexuality differs from Anya’s.

Annie: (laughter) Sex and orgasm – it makes me happy. It brings me back to who I am. It helps me clear out blocked energy, blocked emotions. I use it as a tool to be more balanced, more content, more relaxed. That’s on a basic day to day level. But I use it in a 101 different ways – literally. (laughter) I use it to be spiritual, to connect with people, to reconnect with myself, to go into deep meditation. It’s a gift and it’s as important as eating or sleeping.

Annie’s fantasies are everything from being hooked up to torture machines by the Nazis and having a hundred dogs lick my body. (laughter) I’m done with that. I went into the depths of my kinkymost self. I fantasized rape for about a year and then it was done. Then there were the Nazi torture machines for a year and that was done.

I, as Anya, don’t fantasize, I visualize. Now, I focus more on breath, I let my mind go. If I visualize something I visualize something way more cosmic or much bigger and more expanded than myself or my body. Annie still fantasizes occasionally about body parts, particularly pussies.

If I want to have a quick orgasm I just think of a beautiful pussy, but Anya would never really think that way, Anya would let the mind go, let the ego go, focus on the breath I find that fantasizing takes me away from the person I’m with and Anya’s more interested in more intimate connections.

Rebecca: Are you becoming Anya or will they both always share the stage together?

Annie: I think I’ll jump back and forth. I imagine I’ll move more and more into Anya, but I still enjoy being Annie. My neighbour’s a call-girl and every so often she’ll give me a call and say, “Come on down and turn a trick with me,” and I’ll put on my Annie Sprinkle gear and go turn a trick. And I really enjoy that – it’s kind of a hobby.

The more and more I become Anya, it’s sometimes refreshing to be Annie for a night. I really do feel very strongly connected to the sacred prostitute image and I feel like a vehicle or a vessel, a devoted servant to the spirit of ecstasy. To learn about it, to let people bounce their guilt and shame off me – receive to take on people’s fears.

David: Do you feel that you’re plugging into an archetype?

Annie: Someone said I was the Boddhisatva of the first chakra. (laughter) Maybe half of the time I’m in a state of bliss, but my goal is to be there all the time. In New York City I can walk down the street and make love with the buildings and sidewalks and everyone that passes by and have orgasmic waves fluttering through my body on an average day walking to the delicatessen. Even anger can be very orgasmic, or fear too. It’s noticing the ecstasy in everything. My motto is erotisize everything.’

When I was swimming with a group of people the other day in Hawaii we said, “Let’s do some sex magic.” We were snorkeling and we did some breathing and then we were all going to dive down deep and undulate and come up. We didn’t see one fish and we were out in the water for maybe two hours.

I had never swum out in the ocean before and I was really scared. We dive down and all of a sudden, there’s a shark – my worst fear! I was so scared. But it was so beautiful,and as soon as I got out I noticed the eroticism of the fear and the aliveness I felt. Whenever I go to visit someone in a hospital who’s sick I get turned on. (laughter)

Rebecca: Camille Paglia claims that the feminist movement sees female sexuality as something that has been exploited by men and has encouraged women to abandon their sexual power. One of the things I found liberating about your show was that it used that sexuality in a multitude of forms as a form of self-expression. What reaction have you had from feminists, and what would you say to women who claim that you’re simply buying into a male-dominator fantasy and betraying women?

Annie: I’ve found that there are many different kinds of feminists. There feminists who see sex in a positive light and those who don’t. I haven’t had much opportunity to connect with the Women Against Porn. When I’ve seen them on the street they’ve been too violent to approach.

I met a woman at a funeral who was in Women Against Porn and we went for tea together. She was totally miserable. She was living with her mother, she hadn’t had sex in four years, she didn’t know if she was a lesbian or a heterosexual – she was a wreck. Here she had been touring round the country, supposedly protecting young women like mefrom the evils of pornography! It was clear that that was a joke. There are women who are exploited by pornography who don’t come out of it ahead, but they wouldn’t come out of anything ahead.

David: You’re talking about a woman who’s life was geared to trying to stop eroticism but you’re saying she was so miserable because of a lack of eroticism.

Annie: I don’t know that she was out to stop eroticism. She was out to stop the evils of pornography that cause rape and violence. She had worked in rape crisis centers for years – somebody has to do that work. Anyway, that same woman just came to one of my workshops. She’s started to see things

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