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Annie Sprinkle

feel I really am – my God Self. I feel the most peace and the most love. I’ve been to a dozen Ashrams, I’ve done a dozen different types of spiritual disciplines and I never felt as spiritual as when I’m in a really high sexual ecstasy. Even drugs haven’t got me to that.

David: When you feel a connection to everything else in the Universe.

Annie: Yeah. In touch with the supreme consciousness or other dimensions or other ways of being, or going way beyond my body. I start to get glimpses of what else is in the world besides telephone calls and jobs and pieces of paper. It goes way beyond the physical into the magical – into timelessness. I’m not an expert on this. I don’t really know what I’m doing, I just know what I’m feeling. I don’t have too many guides on this journey, I just experiment. I don’t really know what spirituality is. If I studied theology I would probably have more of a grasp of it. I’m just describing what I think it is, and I might be wrong. I know I have a lot more to learn.

David: What about ancient systems: shamanism, paganism, tantra, the archetype of the Goddess? How have you incorporated these into your work?

Annie: What I’m realizing is that the more I train myself to go into sexual ecstasy, (a bit like Pavlov’s dogs) my body is becoming more and more in touch with what it is to be in that state, so I can go into it at a moment’s notice. That’s why my sex life is better than ever before, because I’ve built up my capacity for pleasure. I can jump from A,B and C right up to Q. I feel like it’s in my blood and I’m also more aware that the sexual energy is pulsing through my body at every moment and the sexuality of everything in the world.

David: It sounds like you’re always on the verge of orgasm.

Annie: On a good day I feel like I’m making love all the time.

Rebecca: Most New-Age thinking tends to disregard the body, yet you combine sexuality with many aspects of popular New Age consciousness and have been referred to as the `Shirley MacLaine of porn.’ Do you see it as part of your mission to act as a bridge between this movement and the earthier aspects of spirituality?

Annie: I see myself trying to inspire people to let go of their old ideas of what sex is and be avant-garde and experimental and playful. Like, let’s fuck angels, okay? Just to try it, and see what happens. I like the New-Age because it’s fun. I like to act strange and wierd and do unusual, odd things. A lot of people are so uptight about what people are going to think of them sexually that they’re not willing to act wild and stupid and crazy.

Rebecca: Have you found much resistance to your message?

Annie: Well, they don’t tell me directly. After the Learning Annex workshops there were four phone-calls complaining that it was a little too much for them.

David: What were they complaining about?

Annie: I was demonstrating energy orgasms on the floor. I happened to not have underwear on. I thought, “hell, it’s an X workshop, it’s all women, what’s the problem?” So I’m undulating without underwear. (laughter) I’m teaching them how to find their G-Spot and so I said, “okay, who wants to try?” So someone puts on a latex glove and is poking around inside another woman. No one says anything, I didn’t pick up any negative reactions, but people called to complain and I can’t do that anymore.

Rebecca: What kinds of positive changes have you seen in women as a result of your work?

Annie: A lot. I get letters saying that I helped them to realize that sex is so much more than they thought or thanking me for helping them reclaim their womanhood. I think it freaks some people totally out and some are totally inspired. Some people come up to me afterwards and are so grateful.

Rebecca: Do you think that not only confronting but celebrating a woman’s sexuality can empower her to realize she can not only take control of her own life but also make changes in the world?

Annie: People who free up their sexuality know best what they want in life. I was working in this massage parlor in Manhattan. This woman comes in who is Hassidic Jewish, with four children. She’d been working in the garment district and had enormous breasts. She was really out of place and it was my job to train her and show her around. She was really scared.

What happened was that she had decided to leave her husband because he was treating her like shit. She ends up loving being a prostitute. She’s making tons of money, she has a fabulous apartment and loves sex. She’s never had sex with anyone besides her husband. She got her whole life together and she didn’t take any shit from men anymore. And for me, knowing I have some knowledge of my sexuality and other people’s sexuality, getting rid of the fear and shame has made me a much happier, stronger person.

Rebecca: The social tradition, like what this woman you were talking about was experiencing, of the woman being there to simply please the man during lovemaking, is gradually changing. Do you think a lot of men are feeling threatened by the implications of this?

Annie: Some are and some enjoy it. Women are insisting on their orgasms now, and if a guy’s not into doing that, it’s a pain in the ass. Other men totally enjoy being with a woman who knows and asks for what she wants. Inevitably though, whenever I teach my workshop, every time the question comes up – how do you give the men a good time?

Rebecca: Do you think many women feel that in some way they don’t deserve to be sexually satisfied?

Annie: Of course, and also I’m constantly amazed how little people know. I didn’t know how much I knew until I started teaching. And the fear that comes up. I woke up last week trembling, I was so full of fear. I realized that I had taught four workshops recently and the amount of fear that had come up was scaring me.

We had done a lot of breathing, working with sexual energy which brings up the emotions to clear the blocks. And then there are all the judgments people have about their bodies and all their insecurities of not knowing. Sex is a highly emotional thing, but that’s what makes it interesting. I love teaching these workshops, because when you’re working with sexual energy you get to this place where there’s a bunch of women sitting around who are feeling so much, and who are all open-hearted.

Rebecca: You talk about dispelling the “good girl, bad girl” myths. What does this entail?

Annie: As I don’t feel sex is bad, I don’t think that promiscuity is bad. I’m not that tied into good and bad anyway. “Make no judgments, make no comparisons and do what you need to understand.” I think that fits really well with sex. Make no judgments about what you want to do, don’t compare yourself with where other people are at, and delete your need to understand. Why do you want to go with this person? It doesn’t matter – go for it!

David: You had a transsexual, hermaphroditic lover for a while. As a result of your experimentation with gender, what are your thoughts about the value of androgyny?

Annie: My lover was a female to male, transsexual, surgically made hermaphrodite. A new option for people. That’s one of the great things about living in the nineties. Androgyny – I’m all for it. My new lover is totally androgynous. I think it’s beautiful.

Rebecca: Do you see this as a trend that’s building – more diversity in sexual gender and less boundaries between them?

Annie: Yeah, more diversity. You see men dressing as women wearing monkey boots, and women dressing as men but with false eyelashes. Now, everything’s getting mixed together which I really like. And strap-on dildos, of course, are really being used a lot to play with gender. Women are getting these big dicks – it’s great. And they really know how to use them. (laughter) It’s so real. And of course it never gets soft.

My friend Trash is really good at thrusting. Women aren’t generally as good at thrusting, but she has really got it down. Her dick is totally real to her and I suck it like it’s real and I feel like she feels everything that I do. It’s just beautiful. The technology has vastly improved. When I first got into porno movies they were tied on with pieces of elastic and were really flimsy. These were invented by men, but now women are designing these fabulously beautiful leather strap-on things.

Rebecca: What have your relationships with the various sexes taught you about the differences between women and men?

Annie: Well, I was only into men for a long time. I only had sex with women in movies and a little bit in non-paying situations. It just didn’t really interest me until suddenly I fell in love with a woman and my heart got involved. This leads me to believe that people aren’t necessarily gay or straight. You can be one for a while and totally switch. Now, I totally adore women.

The other thing it took for me to get into women was that I met a really great lover who really knew how to do lesbian sex. There’s a lot to lesbian sex

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