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Albert Hofmann, Ph.D

a new concept of life, and this new way of looking at life is opposite to the officially  accepted view.

David: What role do you see LSD playing in the future?

Albert: In the future, I hope that LSD provides to the individual a new world view which is in harmony  with nature and its laws.

David: What do you think happens to consciousness after death?

Albert: I think that each individual’s consciousness becomes part of the universal mind.

David: What is your perspective on the concept of God and spirituality?

Albert: God is the name of the universal creative spirit.

David: What sort of relationship do you see between science and  mysticism?

Albert: Science is objective knowledge and mysticism is personal spiritual  experience.

David: What do you attribute your long life to?

Albert: I don’t know.

David: Are you hopeful about the future, and how do you envision the future evolution of the human species?

Albert: I am hopeful about the future evolution of the human species. I am hopeful because I have the impression that more and more human individuals are becoming conscious, and that the creative spirit, which we call “God,” speaks to us through his creation–through the endlessness of the starry sky, through the beauty and wonder of the living individuals of the plant, the animal, and the human kingdoms. 

We human beings are able to understand this message because we possess the divine gift of consciousness. This connects us to the universal mind and gives us divine creativity. Any means that helps to expand our individual consciousness–by opening up and sharpening our inner and outer eyes, in order to understand the divine universal message–will help humanity to survive. An understanding of the divine message–in its universal  language–would bring an end to the war between the religions of the world.

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