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James Berkland

amazed to rats and mice running in broad daylight just hours before the quake. He looked for his five cats, and they were no where to be seen. They came back two days after the quake.

So. he came to this country, gathered up information from around the world. He showed how the catfish would jump out of aquarium. Deep sea fish come into shallow water. Water wells would change. And he tried to publish, but no publisher would handle it because the U.S.G.S. says its nonsense. This is old wives’ tales. It’s worthless. We need these multimillion dollar instruments. That’s where absolute truth comes from. He tried to publish in England. Same thing. So he gave up, went back to Germany, and published in German.

When the Snakes Awake turned out to be such an excellent work that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology translated it into english, and published it on their press. It’s so clearly written. Especially read those first couple of chapters where he shows the persecution he received. He said, I value– just like I do– I value my scientific reputation, and I heard that this was considered foolish, and one should just keep quiet about this. But, he said, when you hear incidents from your friends and family who have no reason to try to deceive, and you realize the implications this has for lives and property protection. then not to divulge this arises serious questions conscience. So he took the only route.

Same as I did, my career had been really going, I was in many committees. officers in all these clubs. But after earthquake prediction came in, suddenly I was persona non grata, object of ridicule sometimes. I would say, okay, I don’t need any condescension from you. I mean, there’s people ahead of you to talk to. You still looking up cats? Yeah, I’ll say I am.

David: Did you see in Science about two weeks ago there was an article about slow frequency waves that are produced prior to some earthquakes?

James: Sure. Well, it’s not really slow waves. It’s slow movement. The slow wave idea was twenty years ago– that the p wave would slow down relative to the s wave. It was fashionable, but it turned out not to work, and time after time you see these rages come out. This slow wave idea is just nothing but watching the creep. We already know about fault creep, where the fault slips, often without earthquakes. You may not feel a thing. Or you may get a small quake or two. But that’s happening south of San Juan Batisto on the San Andreas. But north of that, it’s been, it’s locked, from 1906 to Loma Prieta. And in Loma Prieta the mountains moved up about five feet, and sideways about three feet. Mountains are about five feet higher now. Well. because of the slope, maybe three feet higher than before the quake. So a lot of the growth of the mountain continues. The activation is periodical. with abrupt movements, some of it is very very slow, up and down, or sideways.

David: You don’t think that’s what the animals could be picking up on?

James: No, because we know the mechanism behind how they do it. We see with the pigeons. And we saw, the last time that Humphrey [the whale] came in the bay. Go back to the newspapers. It was 1980. On the computer you can go back to all the local papers. In 1980 in October, the 23rd I believe. Humphrey came in the bay after not having been here for five years or so. And I said, oh boy. when whales get disoriented it often means a quake is due. He was here for three days.

He got stuck in the mud at Candlestick Park, and people went out at night and covered him with blankets, and kept him wet him and everything. All the people tried to preserve Humphrey, and they did. They hauled him off the mud bank, and the next day he cruised out the Gold Gate Bridge. So a lot of people took pictures of Humphrey. and he waved his giant flukes goodbye to San Francisco. This picture was in the paper right next to a column that read 5.8 Quake Shakes Bay Area. Coincidence, coincidence. all these coincidences.

David: Have you found that there are some animals that are more sensitive than others?

James: The Chinese think the pheasants are the about the best. The Japanese like catfish, because in their myths a catfish is supposed to be what’s holding up the earth, and it becomes disturbed underneath. When it gets disturbed that’s when the earth shakes. Nobody knows exactly what the barbells– the whiskers on a catfish– do. They’re probably sensitive to the electromagnetic field. Sharks pick up changes in the magnetic field, so they can pick up prey in pure darkness. We all have a field around us, the so-called aura.

I had a very good friend come here, and unbeknownst to him we had a surprise party for his fortieth birthday. It was on the Saturday before the Loma Prieta quake, and it would supposedly we were just going to surprise him. His wife had been preparing this for two months. A year or so earlier she had been identified as having multiple sclerosis, and had been improving after going to Germany, getting some shots, and doing some special medication which isn’t allowed in this country. She had thrown away her crutches and her cane, and was doing quite well. She came that night, and was in terrible pain. She had to hold onto the chair in order to stand up. She tried to participate in the festivities, but was having a great problem. Then the quake happened, and she went back to her former level.

David: So there are some people who are also sensitive to this?

James: Yes, and that was emphasized about a week later. I didn’t put that together at the time. A week later I got a call from a Doctor Eon, an osteopath in Hollaster and Aptos, both cases right on the San Andreas fault. He said, Mr. Berkland I’ve heard you’re dealing with animals, and so forth. I think we ought to set up a medical hot line. And I said, why? He said, all ten of my multiple sclerosis patients deteriorated rapidly before the earthquake, and they returned to their former level back after the quake. So why did this happen? It became instantly clear. Multiple sclerosis is something like AIDS, where the body’s antibodies attack the nervous system, the little myelin sheathing around the nerves. So you have all these little gaps in the insulation.

David: And there’s poor electrical conductivity between the nerves without the insulation.

James: Yes, and you’re definitely susceptible to stray electronic interference. So your brain sends a signal, and all gets zapped out, especially if you’re in a field that’s changing abruptly.

Then another even clearer picture emerged after that quake in New Brunswick, Canada on the day of the extreme tides. The tides were so high that the ferry boat was way above the slip. He had to wait for the tides to go down. He had to wait for an hour or so for the tide to come down so the ferry could fit into the slip, and drop the people and the cars off. So that’s one heck of a tide. A week after that quake I got a call. That quake was on a Saturday, and on a Monday afternoon I got a call. Stan Friedman, a UFOlogist, and his wife live in Madensa. Canada. where she was born, like my wife. They both went to the university there, and he had a science program. So he told some people at the radio station that that quake fit my theory, and I got a call on Monday afternoon after the Saturday quake.

Ah, Mr. Berkland did you predict our quake? I understand it fits your theory. I said, well, I didn’t predict the place. I said any seismically-active area was more likely to get a quake at this time then during any other eight day period just randomly chosen, but I didn’t have any local information. She said, what do you mean? I said, like the tilt of the ground, water level changes, radon gas releasing, electromagnetic field changes, and weird animal behavior. She said, oh that sounds interesting, do you mind if I roll a tape? I said, no, go ahead. And all of a sudden I hear, oh my god, oh, oh, oh.

For about fifteen seconds she’s out of it. Then she says, that was really unsettling. Now, where was I? Oh darn, I wish I’d caught my own reaction. She hadn’t quite started. Anyway she went on, and I told her animals stories. The show was that night back in New Brunswick, which is four hours later than we are. Meanwhile Stan was taping his own show, or doing it live, down in the basement of that radio station, and the quake hit. That looks like we’ll get an aftershock, and the other guy was all unsettled. So I just took it all in stride.

Ten days later I got a letter from a lady back there who had heard me on me on that radio station. Ah, Mr. Berkland, I hope you have an explanation for what happened to me. Otherwise, I fear I’m losing my mind. I’m native to New Brunswick. I’M 48 years old, and I’ve never felt an earthquake before. And I have never had any kind of sinus problems before. But four days before that Saturday quake hit my head stuffed up, my eyes watered, and I got a terrible headache centered in the middle of my forehead, between the eyebrows. On Thursday I was seated with some teacher friends at lunch, and I couldn’t stay. I was just up and down, up and down. On Friday I couldn’t go to work, but I felt compelled to clean my house from top to bottom. I’m normally quite content to leave the books on the dust balls, and the dishes in the sink, and go to my studio and paint, she said.

But she was like pregnant woman about to give birth, got to get the nest all ready for something. That night she was so nauseous she went to bed without supper. The next morning she tried to get up, and she had the same problem. She lay back on the bed, and she says, suddenly it was like passing over a mountain peek. Why the pressure disappeared. The pain disappeared. Then the first tremors hit. And I’ve heard similar things like this, but I never had followed it. So I called to try get in touch with her, and tell her she’s not losing her mind, that some animals seem to detect this.

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