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James Berkland

for some time with these predictions, he has messy desk, and he’s behind in his work.

I was behind three days because I had taken vacation to the Banolian’s International Convention, and I’d taken a trip to the West Indies. I was gone for almost a month, so naturally you get a little behind in your work. I got back in in August, and so this was October, and I was three days behind in my work, after being a month behind. So also a classic charge- you’re not available just when the county needed you most. They sent me home. (laughter) Oh, and also you couldn’t get along with your colleagues and the public, but they later dropped that charge. We did detect tenseness in your colleagues when we discussed your situation with them.

I wrote about a six page moment-by-moment explanation of this whole theory, and my representative from the Engineers and Architects Association said, oh no, we don’t need that. And we lost the case. We essentially lost the case, partly because, instead of going for a three man board, we just went for one person. And the charges had dragged on, and dragged on, and we had to go. We had our second one six months later, and at that time, I was asked to start to testify. And my representative somehow was on drugs or alcohol or something, I don’t know. He just got extremely nervous. He said, I don’t believe I can handle this.

We hadn’t had my side of it, so then they had to postpone it again for another six months. So a year later, I’m already, I’d back to the county, and tried to put up with all this crap. The gal, I guess, had forgotten a lot of the evidence, and didn’t have my written statement about what happened.

When I started the 900 line in the early 1990 it was in The Wall Street Journal. They interviewed me, and talked about it. Then they went to the U.S.G.S., and a spokesman at the U.S.G.S. said we known this guy for his entire career, and he’s been nothing but a clown. So with that I went to attorney, paid him $500 to write a letter. This was Pete McClaucy, who ran for president a few years ago. He wrote them a letter and they realized that these personal attacks aren’t okay; you don’t call somebody a clown. I’m not a clown. I’m very serious scientist. I try to keep a sense of humor about it. They used to say, Berkland’s not a scientist, he’s just an enthusiast. So, I said, well I guess you’ve never heard of an enthusiastic scientist. It was a little better than reading tea leaves, merely matching two random series of events. I have never heard that celestial mechanics was random, but they remarked that way. Okay.

David: Is there anything else that you think we should add?

James: We could go for about two, there days, there are so many exciting things happening.

Oh, I’ve got a copy of the latest Syzygy. I just brought it down to the printers. This is 96, and I had told you I reported to the Geological Society in the middle of December that the best window I’d seen in awhile was about to open up between the 29th of December and January 4th of, at about 7:30 in the morning. Bang-o it hit– 4.6, the strongest quake of the year. And 45 minutes earlier I had heard my recorded voice on the radio station predicting this week. I’d said, there’d be an 8.3 foot tide. And somebody’s going to say I’m predicting a 8.3 magnitude quake.

So I wanted to get my tape recorder next to the radio, but before they replayed the tape, the quake hit. And in that afternoon’s paper, the U.S.G.S. spokesman said, maybe the tides did have something to do with the quake. The very next day he completely denied it. He said, well, no, after all it’s on a very active fault anyway. And the reporter said, well, what do you think about that change, And I said, well, that comment is about like saying the ten car smashup on the Bay Shore Freeway had nothing to do with the cloud burst that hit at the same time, because it’s a very active highway. I mean, here you get a correlation, and you turn your back on it. That does not silence. It’s not proof, but it’s evidence.

I hope you tune into the Art Bell show on Midnight, on Sunday he’s on a decent hour, 7-10:00. KSFO 56. Art Bell is one of the better interviewers around, in that– like you– he’ll let a guy just ramble, and insert interesting little points. But he has gotten all the people in the UFO business there, and earthquake predictions. I was on for five hours. One night back on June 30th, early in the morning I had the ear plug in my ear, and listened to Art Bell as I was going to sleep. Suddenly I hear, I wish Jim Berkland would call me. So, whoa, I got up, and I put on the fax. I had his fax number, and I faxed him a couple pages of my newsletter, and I said, I’d be very happy anytime.

About nine in the morning I get a call– hey Jim, finally got hold of you. How would you like to be on my show tonight? I said, love it. Okay, you better go take a nap before. So 11:00 he calls, and I’m on until four in the morning. And I’ve got 1050 letters. I had said, if anyone wants a sample copy of my newsletter send a self-addressed stamped envelope. So I got 1050 letters in about the next two three weeks. But out of all those people only about five subscribed.

In the case of the prediction regarding Washington last year, and this year, the two strongest quakes in 31 years. More than half of my subscribers came from there, because it hit them directly, right after on radio and TV. We heard all the skeptics say, oh, it’s impossible. Then bang on they hit, and it’s just so funny. But, you know it just keeps happening. The Rebellious Geologist Insists Upon a Fair Shake, that’s going to be the title of my book– A Fair Shake. Oh, and I’ve got my epitaph– Jim Berkland. Geologist. He searched for truth, but here he lies. (laughter)

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