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We think in terms of the precursor nutrients that help with the body’s serotonin levels. One supplement is tryptophan, which you can’t get anymore. So we use the 5-HTP to supplement serotonin. Usually we have people take 50 mg at bedtime. What happens is they sleep through the night. The majority of people who I have using it are fibromyalgia patients. We’re finding that fibromyalgia patients have high cortisol, low DHEA, and low serotonin.

“We put them on a food supplement, plus 5-HTP. And it does remarkable things. Between the food supplement and the 5-HTP they’re getting stage-4 deep sleep. The food supplement helps by improving mitochondrial function. And within six weeks, I’m getting a lot of fibromyalgia patients going into remission. The myriad of symptoms that go along with fibromyalgia are eliminated: such as, numbness, tingling sensations, and cognitive disorders. So using 5-HTP and the food supplement together has made a remarkable difference for my fibromyalgia patients. We’ve had about a 90% success rate.”


Dr. Thomas Brod, M.D., a psychiatrist

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