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“I’ve also used 5-HTP for anxiety. Not manic-depression – just when people have anxiety, like from taking a test, or something like that. Again, it works really well. I’ve used it with a couple [of] cases as a migraine preventative, especially women who get migraines related to their menstrual cycle – when they can predict by looking at a calendar that they’re going to get a migraine on the 28th day of the month. If I have them start taking the 5-HTP,maybe two or three days before they expect to get a migraine, they usually don’t get a migraine. I’ve used it on a few people like that, and it’s worked every time. But I couldn’t say that it’s a 100% success rate, because I haven’t had enough people using it to determine that. But those are the main things that I use it for. It’s a great product.”


Oz Garcia, a nutritional consultant with a private practice at Personal Best, a nutritional consulting firm in New York City, recommends that 5-HTP be used for people who have difficulty sleeping. Oz shared with me,
“I think sleep improvement has been the most effective way that we found people use 5-HTP. I think our success rate, from what we’re able to see, is about 60%. That’s for people that use it and have actually stopped using other compounds.”

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