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have a very long half-life in the body. But if they do awaken at two or three in the morning, and can’t go back to sleep, I’ve had some good success having those individuals just take it again at three in the morning.

“I’ve used 5-HTP a lot for sleep in conjunction with melatonin, and I find this works pretty well. With some people, taking oral minerals at night also helps. I try to stay with orthomolecular sleep aids as much as possible. I also use valerian, which isn’t orthomolecular, but does have a nice sedative effect for a lot of people. Sometimes combinations of these things can work pretty well. I think 5-HTP works very well to help induce sleep in my experience.

“In terms of chronic anxiety states, 5-HTP may be helpful as an adjunct to other treatment modalities. Sometimes I have people take it two or three times a day, usually in addition with other things. But I do find it very valuable. I use 5-HTP now instead of tryptophan. The only time I prescribe tryptophan is if somebody has an extremely good pharmaceutical insurance plan, where they’ll get reimbursed for it. But that’s pretty rare. Otherwise I prescribe

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