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large impact. I still feel it’s very worth trying, but nothing in medicine is a sure thing. I don’t know of any medicine, any herb, any supplement that works on everyone. It works well enough for me to recommend it fairly often, and I have a significant number of people who are helped by 5-HTP. But it’s not a panacea.”


While interviewing all these health practitioners, I wondered why different people have varying responses to 5-HTP,including myself. Why have I had such dramatic improvement with my sleep and moods and others have experienced only mild or moderate success. It seems plausible an individual’s difficulty may not be limited to serotonin deficiency or to serotonin deficiency alone. They may have other undetected medical problems requiring other not-yet implemented solutions; or they may have undiscerned causes of the presenting problem, explaining why many clinicians use multiple modalities or substances to treat a problem. Also, everybody’s body chemistry varies to some extent and that could contribute to different results among different people. Additionally, some clinicians did not seem to have enough of a patient-selection sample to make confident conclusions about5-HTP‘s effectiveness. However dramatically or mildly effective 5-HTP

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