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well by improving their sleep.”


Concluding my interviews, Dr. Randy Baker, M.D., a physician in Soquel, California, also recommends 5-HTP for various disorders. He thinks it is helpful for some but it’s not a panacea. He concludes,
“I use 5-HTP primarily for treating insomnia and depression. I have occasionally recommended it for weight loss as well. Estimating my success rate is really difficult to assess with any certitude, since I don’t keep statistics. What I can say is, it definitely works for a significant portion of patients. I can also say there’s a very significant portion for which I’m not impressed. But it’s something I’m very comfortable recommending trying for patients with both insomnia and depression.

“With regard to my success rate, I’d say that 55% would be my guess. It’s not as good as the statistics that I see in the research studies. So it’s a bit disappointing sometimes. People with mild insomnia often have good results with it, but I’ve had some patients with insomnia where it doesn’t seem to really have a huge impact. And the same thing with depression. For people with mild depression it’s often very helpful, but I’ve had quite a few patients with depression where it didn’t seem to have a

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