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everything, where it works 100% of the time. But what really does? But for the primary things I’ve mentioned 5-HTP usually is pretty consistent. I’ve had some really good results with it.

“With fibromyalgia I’ve had really good luck with somewhat higher doses – higher to me means like 100 to 200 mg per day. This is an estimate on my part, but I think 65% of people often will tell me that a lot of their pain improves very dramatically. If I include a percentage of all people who improve even subtly, the percentage would be even higher. But that’s what I would consider in the range of good improvement. For appetite control – 5-HTP seems to get a lot of press for this – I’ve not really noticed it to be as helpful. But I would say in total I’ve only had a dozen patients who have selectively tried 5-HTP by itself for appetite control, and for them maybe it works for 20% of the time. Then with sleep it is a lot more consistent. I’d say at least 80% do pretty

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