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; as you would expect, 5-HTP seems to act differently from either of them. This is the one patient who has come back really enthusiastically about it.

“Incidentally, I do strongly recommend Acetyl L-carnitine (ALC) for almost all of my seriously depressed patients, particularly if they have a severe major depressive episode. I’m drawing on the published literature demonstrating ALC’s neuroprotective benefits, hoping to diminish the long-term memory effects, the flood of corticosteroids that accompany severe depressive episodes.”


Dr. Arthur LaBruce, a physician in Charleston, South Carolina, shared with me that he hadn’t been using5-HTP for very long, but has been getting favorable results so far. He comments,
“I’ve been using 5-HTP for just a couple of things,” he told me,” some depression, but for insomnia mainly. I’ve got some people doing trials on it now. I think it has benefits and I plan to conduct some more trials. It hasn’t been available very long and I haven’t collected a lot of data yet, so it’s too early for me to tell.

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